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Reducing risk through connected geysers

Home insurance - driving the adoption of sustainable hot water.

Electric water heaters are routinely replaced by claims on comprehensive residential insurance policies.

Insurance service providers procure and install a major proportion of residential electric water heaters in South Africa. Hundreds of thousands of water heaters are being replaced every year,  over half of which are due to units being out of the manufacturer’s warranty period. 

This presents a major opportunity for our insurance partners to drive down claim costs – becoming a key partner in delivering sustainable smart hot water at scale.

Failure of water heaters presents the lowest cost opportunity for policyholders to switch to a solar PV-ready, sustainable, connected water heating ecosystem.

Replacement of failed geysers with Elon Smart Water dramatically accelerates the rollout of sustainable hot water in South Africa. Learn about the hot water crisis in numbers.

Climate change assurance - Together

Bringing the geysers you insure into the digital age. Creating a consolidated ecosystem of sustainable, connected devices.

Helping you as insurer reduce risk, mitigate costs & improve service quality for the people you cover- ultimately improving customer experience.

Revolutionise the way you replace and retrofit

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Benefits of the Elon Smart Water Solution for Insurers

The Elon Smart Water Solution brings major benefits to insurance providers– an easy retrofit turns existing standard electric geysers into connected, manageable devices.

Early alerts and predictive maintenance make for reduced risk and an improved overall experience for insurers and their clients alike.

  • Reduced severity, frequency & average cost per claim.

    The Elon Smart Water Solution simplifies home insurance through leak detection, predictive maintenance, early alerts and metering. Early intervention greatly reduces overall policyholder risk and claim cost. Simplified geyser replacement. Saving insurers money whilst keeping their clients happy.

  • Expose fraudulent claims.

    Elon Smart Water enables replacement technicians to log, validate and geolocate each geyser installation. Allowing for precise warranty tracking and management. Reducing unnecessary and fraudulent claims.

  • Register and connect geysers to predict, detect and minimise imminent failures.

    Simply scan the QR code to register each geyser to the Elon Smart Water cloud platform. Constant connection via GSM ensures reliable remote monitoring. Allowing insurers to intervene before a major failure.

  • Simplified warranty management and post-service exchange.

    The full water heating system is supplied and guaranteed by Electrolux Kwikot, with a well-established national support infrastructure. That means that, if anything goes wrong, there is no dispute over who is responsible, and assistance is always close at hand.

  • Consolidation in the market through a standardised product.

    Elon Smart Water is the only smart geyser solution that integrates directly with regular geysers. Providing much-needed consolidation in the market. Standardising the replacement process across all claims.

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