The future
of hot water

It's a sunny story

The Elon Smart Water Solution transforms coal-fired electric geysers into smart, solar PV-ready green appliances.

Real-time monitoring and communication deliver actionable data.

This provides ecosystem stakeholders with the necessary insights to support decision-making and proactive management & service delivery.

Simple installation with plug-and-play solar PV enables reduced reliability on fossil fuels, improving quality of life.

The problem today

Over the past 15 years, South Africans have experienced dramatic electricity and water price increases whilst quality of service has been steadily deteriorating.

When you consider climate change and the fact that we are one of the worst polluters in the world (for which we also pay a price in air pollution-related deaths), it becomes clear that real change is needed.


Water and electricity prices

In the past 25 years, water and electricity tariffs have increased 4x faster than inflation.


Of total household electricity

Electric geysers are the single biggest consumer of household electricity at 40% of total consumption.


Coal burner in Africa

South Africa is the top coal burner in Africa, and the fifth largest in the world. More than 80% of our hot water is heated with coal-fired electricity.


The year with the most load-shedding ever

South Africa experienced the most load-shedding ever in 2021, with 2022 expected to be even worse.

The solution

The Elon Smart Water Solution delivers real benefits across the water heating value chain.

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Cost & compliance

Mitigate, manage & reduce total cost of ownership. Easily meet regulatory requirements on safety and environment.

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Warranty & support

One point of warranty and accountability with improved warranty management and a national support network means better incident management and peace of mind.

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Connectivity & control

Remote monitoring, diagnostics and early alerts reduce incidents and claims, whilst enabling new value-added services and business models.

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Partnering to deliver the future of hot water

We believe in partnerships to deliver end-to-end solutions across the water heating value chain and lifecycle.

No single person or entity can address the environmental challenges facing the planet. Through partnering for change, we are committed to building relationships and communities who, together, can evolve the ecosystem required to change policy, behaviour and adoption.
Build to rent

Elon Smart Water takes the hassle out of hot water for property developers and managers.

Smart, solar PV-ready geysers mean easier & faster installation and compliance.

Remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and early alerts mean better facilities management.

Metered green energy gives access to new business models, tax incentives and carbon credits.

Hot steaming running tap water

One point of warranty and accountability with a national support network means that you can deliver a superior service.

Plug-and-play installation with fully automated self-test on completion of installation means fewer customer callbacks.

Training, sales materials and local support empower you to answer customer questions and add value.


A new way of doing homeowners insurance, the Elon Smart Water Solution delivers a superior experience for insurers, incident managers and homeowners alike.

Elon Smart Water enables reduced geyser-related claims and costs, improved warranty management and better claims & incident management.

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Retrofit for the future

The Elon Smart Water Solution converts your complex or estate’s existing electric geysers into smart, green and connected appliances.

Together we can transform your complex or estate’s water heating into a pleasant and fully manageable experience with reduced cost, maintenance and carbon footprint.

Over 100 years of perfecting solutions for hot water

Electrolux South Africa, through its Kwikot brand, has been delivering hot water solutions to South Africans for over a century. With the Elon Smart Water Solution, Electrolux and PowerOptimal are introducing the next evolution in hot water.

The future of the planet is dependent on wide adoption of alternative energy. Electrolux embraces sustainability as the foundation of its strategy. Sustainable Smart Simple solutions are an essential driver for change. Our exclusive partner PowerOptimal will enable us, together with like-minded customers, to make impact at scale.

Our environmental aspirations are perfectly aligned with those of Electrolux. Together we have the collective ability to revolutionise hot water across the value chain.

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Recent Solar PV Water Heating Projects

Working closely with installers, architects, and property developers, we have installed thousands of Elon solar PV water heating solutions in homes, residential estates, and apartments across South Africa.

The Bronx @ Sky City

540-unit development by Central Developments Property Group

Urbika Estate

54-unit development in Ekurhuleni by Similan in patnership with Old Mutual

Ephrams View

340-unit development by PJJ van Vuuren


1000-unit development under construction


Evergreen Lifestyle Village at Bergvliet

Val de Vie

195+ units developed by Evergreen at the prestigious Val de Vie Estate


104-unit development by Evergreen Lifestyle Villages


43 units at Evergreen Lifestyle Village Muizenberg

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The Elon team

Richard Fearon

Richard Fearon

PowerOptimal CEO

Richard is PowerOptimal’s visionary leader and believes passionately in the potential for smart connected water heaters to meaningfully impact climate change.

David Crawley

David Crawley

Electrolux SA Product Manager: Watercare

David is a veteran of the South African water heating industry and the go-to person for Elon products and kits.

Matthew Capes

Matthew Capes

PowerOptimal Business Development Lead

Matt is dedicated to the renewable energy cause and will stop at nothing to provide great customer service.

Andrew Goedhart

Andrew Goedhart

PowerOptimal Systems Architect

Andrew is an electronic engineering wizard, the architect of the Elon Smart Water Solution, and a regulatory dictionary.

Sean Moolman

Sean Moolman

PowerOptimal COO

Sean is a passionate advocate for the solar PV revolution and its potential to democratise energy.

Johan Theron

PowerOptimal Design Engineer

Johan has over 40 years’ experience in light current electrical system design and the inventor of the Elon 100 solar PV water heater.

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