A Power Year

Every day the PowerOptimal team ask ourselves – are we proud of our effort and the progress we have made today?
It is important to celebrate the small wins, and yet, we sometimes forget to do so.
Of course, our “Chief Happiness Officer” Jimmy Fearon, will step in and remind our hands to pat our backs accordingly.

Well, now we reflect on the milestones that are a product of the efforts of this Power Team.

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This year began with a team meeting in Cape Town that set the stage for acts of dedication, tenacity, agility and team work that made 2022 a Power Year… and the stage is set for the main act in 2023.
Some of the noteworthy moments and achievements this year include:
  1. Barry Cooke joined PowerOptimal as Sales Lead, he very quickly proved to be an invaluable part of the team.

  2. Jimmy Fearon joined PowerOptimal as Head of Data and CRM. A witty, “can do”, forward thinker like his father – we are grateful that this apple fell straight from the tree into our team.

  3. Launching the Elon Smart Water website – developed by Sean Moolman, Martin Svenson, James Fearon, Matthew Capes and the Bridget team.

  4. The first co-branding of Electrolux South Africa, PowerOptimal and the Elon.

  5. Launch of the Elon Smart Water marketing campaign in collaboration with Electrolux South Africa’s marketing team.

  6. Completing and testing the first prototypes of the Elon Smart Water and expanding software development capacity.

  7. Exhibiting the Elon Smart Water at the GBCSA’s 2022 Green Building Convention.

  8. Expanding the Elon’s footprint into KZN, having entered 3 new developments in the region, with several more to follow in 2023.

  9. PowerOptimal had its first official year end company braai!

  10. Working with Electrolux South Africa, Eksteen & Le Roux and GCX to gather credible data on the Elon’s positive potential impact on South Africa’s grid and carbon footprint. This data will be released in 2023.

  11. PowerOptimal and Electrolux became members of the GBCSA.
A Message from our fearless leader and CEO
– Richard Fearon
It has been 8 years since PowerOptimal started its journey, led by a vision to reduce carbon footprint and cost of residential hot water.
Together with our exclusive partner Electrolux, our 2022 impact in the domestic hot water segment has been the best in our history with the highest adoption of the Elon solution being achieved.
We really can’t influence what happened yesterday. But many of us have more leverage and power than any human on Earth had just a hundred years ago.
In the last few decades, so many areas of thought and action have moved forward that defenders of the environmental status quo are becoming exhausted trying to defend what was, namely fossil generated energy.
So the good news is that we have exactly what we need to create a better tomorrow. If enough of us stand up and lead and connect, we’ll continue to get closer to what’s possible.
Thanks to everyone who has supported us on our journey, one cannot achieve significant impact without committed supporters and advocates.
I can assure you that we will continue in our quest to lead in the climate and compliance areas during 2023 and beyond!