The Elon Smart Water Solution

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A geyser that is smart, connected and plug-and-play solar PV-ready.
Simple installation and automatic self-test to ensure correct installation.
Easy retrofit – replaces standard thermostat to make existing electric geysers smart.
Solutions from controller alone through to turnkey systems.
With solar PV, works during loadshedding. Own wifi hotspot means no internet connection needed.
Inventory available in all major centres, including geysers and solar PV kits.


Single point of responsibility and accountability for full water heating solution.


End-to-end support across product lifecycle.


Expert advice across the solution and value chain.

Real-time connected platform provides access to data and management tools to inform decision and drive action.
See live water temperature, solar PV and grid energy use, set preferences.
Property owners & managers
Access to residents’ solar PV and grid energy use data. Early alerts on maintenance requirements and faults. Easier warranty and insurance claim management.
Insurers and incident managers
Early alerts and preventative maintenance. Easier warranty, claims & incident management.
Easy installation, full installation self-checks, training & support.
Reduce Carbon
Reduce Risk
Reduce Cost

Elon Smart Water Heater

Converts a standard electric geyser into a Smart Water Heater. Monitor and take control of your energy and water usage.

Solar PV ready. No need for a control unit, inverter or batteries! Simply connect solar PV panels directly to the Elon Smart Water Heater.

Elon Smart Water App gives you real time visibility and control. Seamlessly connecting you with plumbers and insurers. Reduce risk. Reduce cost. Reduce carbon.

Elon 100 Water Heater

Elon 100 Solar PV Water Heater

Competitive capital cost, no maintenance costs and a long lifetime - The Elon is the most cost-effective water heating solution in South Africa.

Converts a standard electric geyser into a solar PV water heater. No element change and no inverter or batteries needed!

Easy compliance with SANS 10400-XA2 and can help achieve EDGE certification.

Elon 100 Solar PV Kits

Ready to be installed. Includes the Elon unit, Solar PV panels, and entire balance of system (see downloads).

Kits available with either 2x470W or 3x470W Jinko solar PV panels.

Kwikot electric water heater optional (150L or 200L).

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