Retrofit for the Future

Making hot water smart and renewable in existing estates and complexes

The cost of hot water

The price of electricity in South Africa has increased 5 times faster than inflation since 2008. Combined with rapid rises in the price of water, a single shower or bath can now cost R10 to R20.

Electricity in South Africa is not only expensive – it’s also unreliable. Although 2021 was South Africa’s worst load shedding year ever, 2022 is predicted to be even worse.

On top of that, 87% of South Africa’s electricity is generated from coal, meaning that taking a shower or bath in South Africa is very bad for the environment.

Water heating is the single biggest consumer of electricity in South African households and makes up about 40% of the total electricity bill.

So, if you want to reduce your estate or complex’s electricity bill, increase its independence from the grid, reduce its carbon footprint and have happier residents, the geyser is the best place to start.

The inconvenience of burst geysers

A peculiar South African habit is to install geysers in the ceiling space. This means that, when the geyser fails, there is usually substantial water damage to the ceiling, furniture and other household contents. This leads to complaints from residents whilst you (the Estate Manager) have to deal with warranty, insurance claim and repair teams. Considering that about 70% of homeowners’ insurance claims are geyser-related, this is no rare occurrence.

Together we can do it differently

Together we can transform your complex or estate’s water heating into a pleasant and fully manageable experience with reduced cost, maintenance and carbon footprint.

The Elon Smart Water solution converts your complex or estate’s existing electric geysers into smart, green and connected appliances.

David Crawley

Benefits of the Elon Smart Water Solution for Estate and Complex Managers

The Elon Smart Water Solution brings major benefits to existing estates and complexes – an easy retrofit turns existing electric geysers into smart water heaters.

Remote monitoring, early alerts and predictive maintenance make for an improved experience for estate managers and residents alike.

  • Improved facilities management & reduced maintenance cost

    The Elon Smart Water Solution makes Estate Managers' lives easier through remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and early alerts. Early intervention minimises cost and makes for happier residents. One point of warranty & accountability means faster resolution.

  • Easy and fast retrofit

    The Elon Smart Thermostat plugs directly into the geyser element, turning a standard electric geyser into a smart, connected, solar PV-ready water heater.

  • One point of warranty & accountability

    The full water heating system is supplied and guaranteed by Electrolux Kwikot, with a well-established national support infrastructure. That means that, if anything goes wrong, there is no dispute over who is responsible, and assistance is always close at hand.

  • New business models & possibilities

    New capabilities, new thinking. Metered green energy means that you can sell green energy to residents. Remote switch-off capability enables revenue protection. Switch-off of grid power supply to geysers allows for peak demand management.

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