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Simplifying the delivery of sustainable hot water for property developers - pre- and post install

Hot water is a challenge in property developments

The specification, selection and procurement of sustainable hot water solutions is an essential, complex, and financially material component of both build cost and operating cost over a property development’s lifetime.

Each property development is unique and has complex technical challenges and environmental requirements that must be met. 

Not only must the water heating solution comply with the energy efficiency requirements of the National Building Regulations, but it must last for a long time and deliver water reliably and at an affordable cost.

Tackling climate change

But the need to do water heating better is not just based on financial considerations. Managing and decreasing our carbon footprint is critical to creating a sustainable future. Fossil fuel dependence is threatening that future – with the carbon footprint of water heating in South Africa being over 20 megatonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Together we can do it differently

Together we can transform the way you install, deliver and manage hot water. Creating a user-friendly, fully manageable end-to-end hot water ecosystem within your developments.

The Elon Smart Water solution simplifies hot water for property developers, whilst keeping tenants happy for years to come.

Matthew Capes

Benefits of the Elon Smart Water Solution for Property Developers

The Elon Smart Water Solution brings major benefits to new build estates and complexes – simplifying water heating across the development process, whilst delivering value to developers and residents alike.

  • One point of warranty & accountability

    The full water heating system is supplied and guaranteed by Electrolux Kwikot, with a well-established national support infrastructure. That means that, if anything goes wrong, there is no dispute over who is responsible, and assistance is always close at hand.

  • Easier and faster installation

    The Elon Smart Water Solution is directly integrated into the geyser, which makes for easier, more cost-effective and faster installation.

  • Easy SANS 10400-XA compliance

    Compliance with Regulation XA2 is a breeze with the Elon Smart Water Solution. Real-time metering and reporting of actual solar and grid energy use allows validation of rational design.

  • Tax incentives and carbon credits

    The Elon Smart Water Solution's solar and grid energy metering capability enables developers to benefit from tax incentives such as Section 12B (full depreciation of capital cost of the solar PV installation in the first year) and Section 12L (95c / green kWh tax deduction), as well as selling carbon credits.

  • Simplified facilities management

    The Elon Smart Water Solution makes Facility Managers' lives easier through predictive maintenance and early alerts. Early intervention minimises cost and makes for happier tenants. One point of warranty & accountability means faster resolution.

  • New business models & possibilities

    New capabilities, new thinking. Metered green energy means that you can sell green energy to tenants. Remote switch-off capability enables revenue protection. Switch-off of grid power supply to geysers allows for peak demand management.

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