Electrolux & PowerOptimal Exclusive Partnership in Solar PV Water Heating

The exclusive partnership in solar PV water heating between Electrolux South Africa and PowerOptimal began in 2019, forming the foundation of a relationship that is now a key component of Electrolux’s vision to change the South African residential water heating landscape.

South Africa, February 2022

We spoke to Murray Crow, MD of Electrolux South Africa, about the partnership.

How has the Electrolux and PowerOptimal partnership evolved since you arrived at Electrolux?

It has evolved into a deeply collaborative and valuable relationship. We clearly understand the need for innovation to change living for the better. With the agility and smarts of PowerOptimal, Electrolux’s well-established distribution and services, and the impressive manufacturing prowess of Microtronix, we have a world-class smart water alliance.

The partnership is aligned with Electrolux’s core sustainability priorities. I believe this is one of our key differentiators as the leader in sustainable residential water heating.

We have worked closely with the PowerOptimal team on product and channel development and marketing in the solar PV water heating, and now smart water heating, space. I think we have moved forward with speed and intent in the past 12 months. I’m confident that our exclusive partnership will continue to develop and strengthen in the coming months. 

Why is this partnership important for Electrolux, and for driving sustainability in the South African water heating market as a whole? What does the future of this partnership look like?

We have a unique smart and solar PV ready solution – as far as I know, it is unique world-wide. Offering connected solutions to consumers and engaging with key players in the property development and insurance industries. Leveraging data in a connected world to reduce costs for homeowners, reduce risk damage to buildings for property developers and geyser related claims for insurers.

This, coupled with carbon reduction through solar PV readiness is a game change. It fits perfectly with our corporate priorities, the needs of our consumers and our country (power supply challenges and costs) and for the benefit of our planet. Reduce risk, reduce cost, reduce carbon.

What are your thoughts on the role that property developers play in ensuring that only the best quality smart and sustainable water heating technologies are provided to the residential housing market?

Property developers are crucial – it’s law that 50% of water heating in new builds needs to be from renewable or green energy. We see most complying and we wish to work more closely with those compliant key partners.

With green certifications, such as EDGE, entering the residential marketing we believe property developers (and Electrolux) have an opportunity to show that our companies are serious about sustainability. Together, we can catalyse a change in behaviour with regards to water heating by driving sustainability from the  foundations of new build. Consumers are very quickly learning about the  benefits of green energy, we are on the cusp of it being “expected as part of the package”.