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Installers are a vital part of the Elon Smart Water ecosystem. By connecting you with clients, sharing information, providing training and technical support, our aim is to build long-term relationships that are driven by the common goal of delivering superior value to customers and reducing emissions from water heating in South Africa. Sustainable. Smart. Simple.

Benefits of the Elon Smart Water Solution for: Installers

One Point of Warranty & Accountability

The full water heating system is supplied and guaranteed by Electrolux Kwikot, with a well-established national support infrastructure. That means that, if anything goes wrong, there is no dispute over who is responsible, and assistance is always close at hand.

Ease of Installation & Use

The Elon Smart Water Solution does a fully automated self-test on completion of installation to confirm correct installation. This ensures you don’t need to return to site unnecessarily, protecting your margin. The simple and easy-to-use mobile app (which prevents users from selecting ‘wrong’ settings) minimizes customer callbacks and follow-ups.

Training & Local Technical Support

Online and in-person training, together with extensive technical and sales support materials, ensure that you are well-equipped to answer customer questions and to provide first-line support. And if you get stuck, our technical team is always available to help.

New Business Development Leads & Support

Become an accredited Elon Smart Water Solution installer and gain access to new business opportunities. We’ll support you in preparing quality proposals, gathering useful information, and engaging with clients for general and technical support as and when needed.

KZN, Gauteng, Namibia

KZN, Gauteng, Namibia

For Sales & New Business Development, get in touch with Barry or Philip:

Approved Installers Program

We have experience in working with homeowners, architects, EPC, property developers, estates and other businesses in the residential property sector.

Together we can ensure that your clients receive a cost-effective and reliable solution, and the highest level of post-installation service and technical support.

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How it works

The aim is to build a long standing, mutually beneficial relationship.

Although having credentials such as the PV Greencard or AREP P4 are preferred, the best place to start is a phone call. Let’s talk about your business, the type of customers you deal with, and your pain points in the water heating space. Next, let’s get an Elon unit in your hands! Whether it be to install at your workshop or at your customer’s house, we will provide you with all the training and support you need.

Send us some photos and/or data from the installation. Once you are comfortable with our technology and we are happy with your installation and service quality, we will start referring clients to you!

Installation Training

The Elon 100 online basic training course is a short course designed for anyone wanting to learn more about what the Elon is and how it works.

The Elon 100 online installation training videos provide electricians and installers with a better understanding of the Elon installation and troubleshooting process.

The Elon in-person 2 day installation training course at Electrolux in Benoni provides electricians, plumbers and installers with both theoretical and practical training.

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